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04 Jun 2022  | SIDE EVENT AT COP26

The value of fermented ethnic foods and beverages

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04 Jun 2022
HUC Secretariat
About the lecture tour

Professor Jyoti Prakash Tamang, a world-renowned food scientist, and ICIMOD Mountain Chair (since 2019), is conducting a public lecture tour in Nepal from 4-9 June 2022. This lecture tour is focused on raising awareness, especially among the food and tourism sectors, on the importance of beneficial microorganisms in and the nutritional value of fermented ethnic foods and beverages. He will also be providing information about the various scholarships, fellowships, and grants provided by the Government of India for scientific collaboration with Nepal.

The lecture tour is hosted by Nepali Chaurasi Byanjan Pvt. Ltd., Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association, Kathmandu University, and ICIMOD.


Lecture tour dates 
Date(NPT) Location Programme
5 June 2022  Jiri

Interact with homestay hosts and deliver a talk to the Ethnic Food Tourism Programme

Presentation at the Food Technology College, Jiri
6 June 2022 Charikot Interaction with local food producers
7 June 2022 Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association Lecture on ‘Metataxonomic research in Himalayan fermented foods: New dimensions in research on disease and immunity boosters’, co-hosted by Kathmandu University
9 June 2022 All Nepal Chefs Conference, Kathmandu

Keynote address as chief guest